Conversion Kit         

Conversion package will include:

   complete bolt-on sub-frame assembly

   all suspension attachment brackets

   engine mounting brackets

   Quaiffe differential and sprocket

   differential mounting brackets, bearings and adjuster mechanism

    DID X-ring chain

   correct axle flanges for either CV joints of tri-pod joints

   properly designed and effective air box for GSXR 1000 engine

   appropriate rear springs

   exhaust headers and muffler

   wing mount to use existing wings


March 28, 2008 


Production Kits shipped. These kits have significant improvements over the prototype conversion kit.  Improvements/enhancements:


- Over 5 lbs lighter than the prototype.
- The engine & diff are no longer set at a slight angle.
- Standard diff is the Taylor with Williams diff optional.

- CNC machined rear bulkhead.
- Uses absolutely stock Van Diemen control arms.
- NO changes required to the axles AT ALL;  just bolt them in.
- Super simple idler for chain adjustment.
- Super easy to change final drive ratios.
- Simple wing mount making it easy to try other wings.
- The pricing structure on a few items will be changed and that will
   reduce the cost of the total kit.  More details on this later.



There are lots of photographs of the production kit that can be seen HERE.  The rolling chassis with the kit installed shows the elegant simplicity of the conversion kit.