Novak’s FB Conversion Impressive in its Debut.    Flowery Branch, Georgia   November 10, 2007

The prototype Jay Novak engineered and built Van Diemen conversion finished in the top ten at the inaugural FB national championship, which was part of the American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) event at historic Road Atlanta.  A strong field of 12 cars showed up to contest the race, even though the FB class is in its infancy.

Owner Sean Maisey entered the Novak conversion prototype.  It was the car’s first race and only Maisey’s second in 18 months.  With potential sales on the line, some chassis makers chose to put a “hot shoe” in their driver seat.    The hot shoes/hired guns took the top five finishes.  Maisey finished 7th and was the fastest conversion car.  His lap time was within 2 seconds of recently crowned DSR champion, J. R. Osborne in a factory Stohr.  The Novak conversion, powered by a George Dean Racing Engines Suzuki GSXR, worked well all weekend with no mechanical issues.  Maisey did lose his clutch early in the race but managed to continue an impressive drive under somewhat adverse conditions.

September '06:  Car turned it wheels on a race track for the first time.  Brief Video With the exception of a brake line fitting that somehow managed to not get tightened, the car performed well.  An engine problem (some junkyard dogs are duds) caused the test session to end prematurely.   

July '06:  The prototype kit is delivered to customer, Sean Maisey.  The prototype kit was installed on the customer car and the engine and exhaust system installed.